O. Feltsman

Charley’s Aunt

musical comedy in 2 acts based on T. Brandon’s play

Play by Y. Khmelnytskiy poems by R. Rozhdestvenskiy

The comedy “Charley's Aunt” was first staged in London on 29 February 1892. It broke all the records of that time. The original play in London was performed 1466 times, and the Broadway play ran across 4 years without a break.

The students of Oxford University Eric Chesney and Charley Wykeham have to find quickly a chaperon to meet with their beloved Annie and Kitty. To do this, they put on woman’s clothing on their friend Fancourt Babberley making him pretend to be Charley's aunt from Brazil, a noble and wealthy lady, Donna Lucia.

Everything gets mixed up when Stephen Spettigue and Sir Francis Chesney started insistently courting the “aunt”.And the situation completely runs out of control when all of a sudden real Donna Lucia arrives.

Transformation of a man into a woman is kaleidoscope of funny situations and plot twists. The play is filled with humour and well-known quotations that evoke a smile will never stale and will always bring joy to audience.

Runtime — 2 h 30 min