Khadjibey or Love of 3000 Oranges

shenanigan in 2 acts by Yan Gelman and Igor Losinskiy

Shenanigan is the name of the genre given by the libretto authors to this performance.

And indeed, despite the plenty historical figures, this adventurous story about forcing Khadjibey fortress and founding South Palmyra is just a mischief. However, this mischief is generously justified by the high-class gentleman humour of librettists, exciting spectacular play by Georgiy Kovtun, music by G. Bizet, E. Kalman, F. Loewe, F. Legar, J. Strauss, and I. Dunayevskiy. It is also justified by brilliant performance of the stars from Odessa Theatre of Musical Comedy and, of course, by the love of our homeland, unique Odessa, that captured so many hearts and gave birth to so many geniuses.

  • Yuriy Topuzovchief choirmaster, honoured worker of Ukraine culture

Runtime — 2 h 15 min