C. Porter

Kiss Me, Kate!

musical in 2 acts

Libretto by S. and B. Spivak

One evening from the Broadway actors’ life will reveal many backstage secrets. The troupe plays the comedy premiere of “The Taming of the Shrew” by W. Shakespeare. The play tells us about uneasy relationship between ex-couple, who are also theatre colleagues, primadonna Lily Vanessi and Fred Graham, the head of the troupe, actor and director. The stage and life conflicts mix up in this play. Will they manage to escape fromfinancial ruin and play the first-night till the end if after sorting things out Lily refuses to come on stage, and Graham is being chased by gangsters? The creative wit and love of arts, respected even by gangsters, solve all problems. 

  • Igor Didurkoprincipal ballet master, honoured worker of Ukraine culture
  • Yuriy Topuzovchief choirmaster, honoured worker of Ukraine culture

Runtime — 2 h 15 min