F. Lehar

The Merry Widow

operetta in 2 acts

Libretto by V. Mass and M. Chervinskiy

“The Merry Widow” is one of the best operettas created by the composer Franz Lehar in his heyday. This operetta fully expresses all the peculiarities of his gift, sides of his talent:craving for tensity, melodic generosity, delicate music flair, and the sense of his age in the view of operetta genre.

A young and beautiful widow with fortune worth millions who has no end of admirers – why shouldn’t she enjoy herself? And she gives receptions, dances till she drops, andaccepts courtship from young scapegraces. However, she does not reciprocate the feelings of any of them: her heart belongs to someone else. Moreover, she has to marry her countryman to keep her fortune in the country!.. How many intrigues and funny situations follow this! Just the way it should be in a good operetta. This story tells about a young widow and millionaire Hanna and Montenegrin attaché to Paris embassy Danilo, about their meeting, love that flamed up between them, and obstacles in their way to happiness. The background of the story is vivid as well: magnificent scenes of the embassy’s mansion, Hanna’s estate and splendid café chantant “Maksim”, lyric themes of lovers, and diplomatic fuss about the problem – what if Hanna’s millions go to a foreigner? This is the world of beauty and glitter.

Franz Lehar created a great number of operettas, waltzes, sonatas, marches and different symphonic works. However, only after performing “The Merry Widow” on 30 December, 1950, he achieved world-wide fame.

  • Igor Didurkoprincipal ballet master, honoured worker of Ukraine culture
  • Yuriy Topuzovchief choirmaster, honoured worker of Ukraine culture

Runtime — 2 h 15 min

  • 19 august 2018 y. sunday, 18:30