A. Brodsky


rock opera in 2 acts

Libretto and poems by I. Khentov

Old Testament story about Moses, the great prophet, and the Jewish people’s escape from Egyptian captivity.

Moses came into the world when the Pharaoh ordered to kill all newborn boys of Hebrew blood. To save her baby, mother put him into the reed basket which sailed down the Nile.

The Pharaoh’s daughter found a baby, adopted him and raised him with Ramses, a future Pharaoh. Many years later, when Moses became a grown-up man, he left Egypt and then returned there at the behest of God to release his people from the shackles of slavery …

The image of Moses, the key figure of three world religions (Judaism, Christianity and Islam), was reflected in art, literature, music, and theatre. The Theatre of Musical Comedy for the first time refers to the biblical theme and individualizes the character of Moses (a human, a hero and a prophet) from his birth till Exodus. The authors tried to save the chronology of Torah, but genre peculiarities allowed to create a lyrical love story line between the Jewish girl and the Egyptian warrior.

Brilliance of costumes and stage set, performance of the theatre leading actors, wonderful music played by the symphony orchestra and a rock group will help spectators to fling in the atmosphere of events which underlie the relationship between the cultures and religions.

The rock opera “Moses” praises the greatness of a titanic biblical figure — the leader of the humanity!

  • Naum Barskiy
  • Aleksey Kryizhanovskiy
    Sergey Syichev

Runtime — 1 h 40 min

  • 25 july 2021 y. sunday, 20:00
  • 17 september 2021 y. friday, 18:30