L. Fadeeva-Moskaleva

Tsarevna Frog

is a very musical fairytale for children and parents based on the Russian folk fairy tale

Librettoby L. Fadeeva-Moskaleva

Everybody’s known this fairy tale since childhood; Tsarevna Frog will amuse you and your children with a bright show, fantastic music and awesome decorations. The plot is familiar: Tsar Yeremey gave an arrow to his 3 sons, sent them to the open field and ordered: “Don’t return without a bride!” Two elder brothers met merchant’s and boyar’s daughters, and the arrow of the youngest brother, Ivan, got in the marsh. There lived Tsarevna Frog, bewitched by Koschei…

A nice fairy tale with good and didactic end is a great opportunity to discuss good and evil with your child and to bring up love to theatre.

Runtime — 1 hour