A. Rybnikov

The Adventures of Buratino

musical fairy tale for children in 2 acts

Play by I. Vetkin, poems by B. Okudzhava and Y. Entin

Who doesn’t know a story of cheerful and mischievous Buratino who was looking for the Golden key? Beloved since childhood characters, popular tunes and words which became quotations! You can watch this play countless timesfrom different points of view. At first as a child, then as a parent, and finally as a grandparent. As this fairy tale sets a piece of wood over gold and brings up an absolute truth in every new generation: the most precious thing is a gold heart full of friendship, loyalty, hope, and courage!

  • Юрий Альшиц
  • Павел Коломийчукзаслуженный артист Украины
  • Евгений Ульяновскийлауреат международного джазового фестиваля
  • Игорь Дидурко главный балетмейстер, заслуженный деятель искусств Украины
  • Михаил Ивницкийзаслуженный художник Украины
  • Елена Лесникова
  • Иосиф Меркович
  • Александр Козлов
  • Елена Василькова
    Наталья Донцова

Runtime — 1 h 40 min

  • The Adventures of Buratino