Paid Services

Show tickets

Shows for children 30–100 UAH
Evening shows 30–200 UAH
Kids under 5 years old for all shows — free (on parent's lap)

Costume rental

2-item costume 80 UAH per day
1-item (accessory) costume 40 UAH per day


20 UAH per hour

Hosting of theater/concert shows

8 756.71 UAH per hour,
incl. VAT: 1 459.45 UAH per hour
(4 hours min)

Hosting of photo/videoshoots on the theater premises

500 UAH per hour,
incl. VAT

Sale of show programmes

“Charley’s Aunt” 5 UAH
“The Bat” 5 UAH
“Krechinskiy's Wedding” 5 UAH
“Tsarevna Frog” 5 UAH
“The Canterville Ghost” 5 UAH
“Puss in Boots and Pussy in Booties” 5 UAH
“Cinderella” 5 UAH
“The Bremen Town Musicians” 5 UAH
“My Fair Lady” 5 UAH
“Some Like It Hot” 5 UAH
“An Ordinary Miracle” 5 UAH
“Silva” 5 UAH
“The Ball in Honour of The King” 5 UAH
“The Winnie Show” 5 UAH
“Guilty Without Guilt” 8 UAH
“Liar” 8 UAH
“Scarlet Sails” 8 UAH
“Offenbach's Jokes” 8 UAH
“Ball at the Savoy” 8 UAH
“Viloet of Monmartre” 8 UAH
“Christmas Eve” 8 UAH
“Fiddler On The Roof” 8 UAH
“Romeo & Juliet” 8 UAH
“Hanum” 8 UAH
“White Acacia” 8 UAH
“The Gypsy Baron” 8 UAH
“Moses” 8 UAH
“Oscar” 8 UAH
“The Mystery of Makropoulos” 8 UAH
“Yegorka in The Land of Buttons” 8 UAH
“Along Deribasovskaya...” 8 UAH
“Maritsa” 8 UAH
“Chasing Two Hares” 8 UAH
“Chipollino” 8 UAH
“The Polish Blood” 8 UAH
“Chief of The Redskins” 8 UAH