20 september
E. Kalman


operetta in 2 acts

th, 18:30 2 h 15 min
21 september
I. Dunayevsky

White Acacia

fr, 18:30 2 h 05 min
23 september
L. Fadeeva-Moskaleva

Tsarevna Frog

is a very musical fairytale for children and parents based on the Russian folk fairy tale

su, 11:00 1 h
4 october
J. Strauss

The Gypsy Baron

th, 18:00 2 h 15 min
6 october
J. Bock

Fiddler on the Roof

musical in 2 acts based on Sholem Aleichem’s short stories

sa, 18:30 3 h
7 october
M. Weinberg

The Winnie Show

musical fairy tale in 2 acts for children based on A. Milne’s stories

su, 11:00
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