Some Like It Hot

almost american musical in 2 acts

Music by J. Styne, G. Gershwin, G. Warren, J. Goodwin, M. Ficher, G. Ruby, G. Stohard, F. Perkins, C. Porter
Unique play and version by Dmitriy Belov, famous Russian director, Gold Mask Award laureate (Moscow).
The criminal-comic story of the USA during The Great Depression and Dry Law that became classic. Wandering in search for odd jobs, two friends-musicians Joe and Jerry witnessed mafia shootout. Escaping from impending death, they have to flee from Chicago, disguised as Josephine and Daphne, women from female jazz band on tour. But now they have another challenge. They both fall in love head over heels with beautiful Sugar Kane nicknamed Marilyn and cannot reveal themselves. These three characters’ story is also bound with bandleader Sue and her love affairs, jazz band’s manager Bienstock, millionaire in love Osgood, and other characters of this very funny, sometimes dramatic and touching, stylish and dynamic musical.

Runtime — 2 h 40 min

  • 13 february 2022 y. sunday, 16:00