I. Poklad

Christmas Eve

musical in 2 acts based on Nikolay Gogol’s short story

Libretto and poems by A. Vratarev

Everybody’s known a Christmas story about the fairy love between Vakula and Oksana since childhood. It is laced with spirit of legends and fairytales and it comes to life on scene with the beautiful music of Igor Poklad. The adventures of Vakula, who was searching for the boots for his beloved, Devil’s love to Soloha – we face the mysterious world with its rules and laws.By the old jolly tradition on Christmas Eve young people go caroling, sing carols, wish everyone health and wealth, respected and esteemed Cossacks visit each other. And this everyday life interlaces with the fairy world so perfectly, that it is taken for granted.Both worlds, fairy and real, flavoured with Gogol’s humour, flow together in one bright and racy action. And the Witch flying out of chimney, the Moon dancing in Devil’s arms, and Devil himself seem perfectly normal…

The atmosphere of this Christmas Eve enwraps the spectators, and one cannot help but fling oneself in this bewitching world of the Ukrainian night.

  • Yuriy Topuzovchief choirmaster, honoured worker of Ukraine culture

Runtime — 2 h 10 min

  • 11 september 2022 y. sunday, 16:00
  • 30 september 2022 y. friday, 18:00
  • 15 october 2022 y. saturday, 16:00