E. Lapeyko

Romeo and Juliet

rock opera in 2 acts

Libretto by E. Lapeyko

The story of the most famous lovers Romeo and Juliet was staged in various genres. We present our spectators a new play in which ballet and wonderful singing interweave with dizzy acrobatic skits and grave fights between Montague and Capulet servants. In the same way as in the original story of fatal romance, love and hatred, loyalty and betrayal, duty and passion, life and death interlaced together…

Rock opera “Romeo and Juliet” is a rock version of fateful love of two lovers from Verona and it proves that sincere feelings are timeless.

  • Георгий Ковтунзаслуженный деятель искусств России
  • Нина Гуцу
  • Юлия Шкрабак
  • Валентина Гриневич
    Дмитрий Рачук
  • Борис Брага
    Алексей Курдюмов
    Даниил Скрупский
  • Оксана Манзоруко
    Екатерина Смольская
  • Ирина Богай
    Елена Василькова
    Наталья Донцова
    Наталья Любавина
  • Вадим Гоголин
    Лариса Климова
    Людмила Пеленис

Runtime — 1 h 45 min

  • 13 december 2018 y. thursday, 18:30
  • 11 january 2019 y. friday, 18:30
  • 11 february 2019 y. monday, 18:30